Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Reef Sandals?

i want to buy Reef sandals that have a flask built into them but i want to know if each one has a flask in it and how many ounces it holds? are they reliable sandals or should i go with some rainbows?

Reef Sandals?
I think Reef sandals are pretty reliable. From what I%26#039;ve read each sandal has a flask and holds 3 ounces of liquid.


I wish they made these for women! Instead they give us a sandal to stash money and credit cards in. Oh well....I%26#039;m no lush but it would be a neat shoe to have.

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Girls, sandals or sneakers????

Ladies, do you prefer to wear sneakers or sandals???

I know a few girls who will not wear sneakers hardly ever and i know a few girls who wont wear sandals at all.

So, i%26#039;m curious to see what the ladies on yahoo answers prefer

Girls, sandals or sneakers????

I love showing off my pretty painted piggies.
Reply:I prefer sneakers. Sandals are annoying.

If it%26#039;s warm out, I%26#039;ll wear flats.
Reply:If its summertime, there%26#039;s nothing more comfortable than a pair of sandals. It%26#039;s too hot for sneakers, and they don%26#039;t really look that great with summer clothes. Sneakers are good if you%26#039;re athletic in the summer though. Personally, I would rather not wear shoes at all, so whatever is closest to no shoes wins! hah.
Reply:it depends on the weather, but usually sneakers.

if weather permitting, flip flops! =D
Reply:i prefer sandals
Reply:flip flops so sandles i guess :)
Reply:The only footwear I wear are trainers, I hate most sandals and all high heels.
Reply:Sandals!! The less on my feet the better!!
Reply:Sandals for me,not to say that i dont wear sneekers for walks ect,but i do think Ladies dont wear feminine shoes enough these days there is a tendancy to wear jeans and sneekers on a daily basis nowadays,Like unisex gear,Well im probably a bit old fashioned aswell,But it is nice sometimes when i see young girls dressed as girls.

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Ladies what do you think of these sandals in black? By the way I'm 29 years old, are these good for my age?


So what do you all think? O yea I already bought one pair of St. John%26#039;s sandals in the past and I bought them in a size 8 which is my usual size (almost all my other shoes and sandals are a size 8 but sometimes I can wear a 7 1/2 too). Anyway, the 8 size St. John%26#039;s seemed a tad bit smaller than all of my other size 8s and this pair of sandals I%26#039;m currently interested in are also St. John%26#039;s. Anyone know if St. John%26#039;s sandals run small? I%26#039;m worried about ordering these in a size 8 and there%26#039;s no size 8 1/2 available. It jumps to a size 9 and I know the 9 would be way too big for me. I already checked and my local JCPenney doesn%26#039;t have em

Ladies what do you think of these sandals in black? By the way I%26#039;m 29 years old, are these good for my age?
Absolutely! Sandals are good for any age, as long as they dont have flowers protruding, or anything child-like (and I mean like a 5 yr. old would wear), they really are ageless.
Reply:they%26#039;re cute but not cute enough to wear a size that doesn%26#039;t fit. there are SO many sandals like this out there that would look just as good if not better. it%26#039;s obviously not meant to be if they don%26#039;t have your size. keep shopping!

what about these:


they%26#039;re only $15 and they come in brown.
Reply:i think they%26#039;re kind of well like lame and old lady-ish
Reply:i think you could do better. the strap on the back seems a bit %26quot;childish%26quot; for a 29 year old...
Reply:If you ask me there uglier than ugly u should get these :

Reply:thier not really for me ...but they could be for you....ask some of ur friends....

hope this helps
Reply:Sorry, I don%26#039;t like them they are chunky and grannyish and I also don%26#039;t like the dark brown colour. I%26#039;m older than you and I wouldn%26#039;t wear them.
Reply:i think they look comfy and cute but modest. i think they would look cute with capris or a long flowy skirt which is perfect for summer. i think you should order the 8 bc different shoes regardless of the brand can run a tad smaller or bigger. besides, if they dont fit right you can return them to the store directly.
Reply:no i dont like them. they look too old for your age. just cuz you%26#039;re 29 doesnt mean you cant dress pretty!
Reply:those look way to old grannish for a 29 year old

Reply:I really dont know. They%26#039;d be nice for something casual, but they really aren%26#039;t that dressy. I%26#039;m not a big fan of the chunky heel they have going on, you can wear whatever shoes you want at whatever age. You should try something with less of a chunky platform heel.
Reply:I personally think they are ugly !


Rainbows Sandals?

I%26#039;m wondering if you have a pair of rainbow sandals that when you first bought them did the little sticker on the back say Made in China? Also, is it really worth buying a pair of really expensive sandals?

Rainbows Sandals?
I love Rainbows shoes! i don%26#039;t remember if they had a made in China sticker in the back. But when u first get them they give u blisters. but afterwards they mold 2 ur feet and they r the best! i wear them every where!
Reply:i dont have rainbow shoes and i really really dont want to have one if i buy one do me a favor and hit me upside the head

its not worth buying expensive shoes unless the reason u want them is because ur a uniterian
Reply:rainbows r cute, but they%26#039;re not good cuz they%26#039;re leather... try pleather instead
Reply:Buy Birkenstocks instead. They last and last, if you resole them every two years or so.
Reply:i dont own rainbow sandals..

but i have A LOT of flip flops.

and most of them come with the Made in China sticker.

urmm. i would buy expensive sandals, if they were unique in a special way.it all depends on the sandals

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Rainbow Sandals?

What does the tag on a pair of Rainbow Sandals say?

How long do Rainbow Sandals typically last?

Which kind are better - thick or thin straps?

What is the difference between hemp and premium leather?

Does it make a difference if it has single or double layers on the soles?

Rainbow Sandals?
What does the tag on a pair of Rainbow Sandals say?

It says eco-sandals I think.

How long do Rainbow Sandals typically last?

Mine have lasted for years

Which kind are better - thick or thin straps?

It doesn%26#039;t matter, they work the same. Just pick what ever you like better.

What is the difference between hemp and premium leather?

I think the hemp ones you can get wet, the leather ones if wet will stain your feet.

Does it make a difference if it has single or double layers on the soles?

The double soles last longer and are only like $5 more.

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Orbit Sandals?

I saw someone%26#039;s sandals the other day, and instantly I wanted them. It%26#039;s kind of translucent and the material resembles jelly. It has a strap going between the first and second toe, and another strap with a buckle around the ankle. I saw a few of them, one in pink, one in purple and another in blue. On the sandal it had the brand name %26quot;orbit%26quot; written on it and I really want to know where to get them. I tried Google searching it, but nothing of the sort showed up. If anyone owns any, or if anyone knows where to get them, it would be great if you could give me the details of what shops you can purchase them from.

Orbit Sandals?
yess i have three pairs =]

green and pink and blue. i got mine in wittners but depends where you live. i also got another pair similar in david jones. hope this helped. goodluck
Reply:You can buy Orbit Sandals at


Good luck!

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Spring Sandals?

What%26#039;s a good website/store for comfortable shoes? I%26#039;m specifically looking for gladiator type sandals or grecian strappy sandals. The ones i%26#039;ve founds are like $80, i just want them to be comfortable and cute not name brand. Any ideas? No department stores please already tried those.

Spring Sandals?
charlotte russe - they are cute and really cheap, but i%26#039;m not sure about comfortable..


Reply:I Bought mine on ebay for only £17. They are the sandals in the photo. They are for guys but would be ok for woman

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